Free Game: Never Ask a Mom when She will have kids again!!

Kee The Mama Bee

Free Game Saturday: never ask a new mom when she’s having another baby!

Yes we love our bundles of joy, yes we are happy they are here, healthy and happy but postpartum is a VERY real thing. You’d think that after nine months of up and down and then the trauma of childbirth that the worst would be over, guess again. For some, postpartum is just as difficult. For me, this time around, it took a lot of adjusting. I don’t know if it’s because I was a “spring chicken” when I had my first child or because like everything else in 2020 -trash, but my postpartum experience was and still is a struggle. From hair loss (still shedding every day), to memory loss, and good ole hemorrhoids 😫😫😫 postpartum requires a lot!


◦ Give your self grace to be tired, exhausted and not want to do anything, including cooking, cleaning or changing diapers. But make sure you have a plan (I.e order in, hire help etc)

◦ Rest, whether it’s just lounging around, taking a nap, or just reading a book, resting is the best way to survive postpartum

◦ Delegate, I am so thankful for my little family (my on staff team 😂😂) from helping with bathes, to emptying the diaper pale, we have created a routine where everyone helps in caring for the baby and the house. I really appreciate them for this

◦ Be prepared, on our bed head is a stack of pampers along with wipes and a bib for through the night feeding, we have a box of the same items downstairs and one in Adayas room, no matter where baby is there’s access to the essentials

◦ EAT. I can’t stress this enough, a hungry mama is not good for the baby or anyone! Always have your favorite snacks handy and ensure that you are not skipping any meals

◦ Connect with other moms going through similar experiences or who have recently gone through it. I’m so grateful for @the.mommyspot and the connections I’ve made

◦ Practice self care on a weekly basis, pencil out time to be alone. My faves are taking a bubble bath, enjoying a glass of wine, and spending time caring for my face with gentle skincare options .

What was your postpartum experience like? What things did you do to survive? Please tell me I’m not the only one who lost hair 😫😫😫

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