My Birth Story

Kee The Mama Bee

We took these pictures a week before baby J’s arrival. With quarantine and everything else being cancelled, I DID NOT want to take any pictures that captured the memories of such a strange time. A friend of mines reminded me of the importance of marking the memory despite what is going on and I’m so glad I did.

My birth story:
Arriving four weeks before his time, while we were very prepared for Jordan’s arrival, we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly or the way it did. The day he arrived, was a typically day for us, brunch at home, hanging around the pool, helping my daughter with gymnastics and cooking fried fish and grits (in retrospect I’m so glad I had good food before labour).

Later on that evening I started feeling contractions but assumed they were Braxton Hicks as I had been experiencing them throughout the last trimester. Around 10:30 after going to bed earlier than usual I felt an unusual pain. I remember the pain like it was yesterday. I remember waking my husband up and saying “something strange is about to happen”.

Knowing that I wanted to labour at home for most of it, I told him not to worry let’s wait a little bit longer to see where it goes. By midnight, I was downstairs on the floor humped over in tears. It was time!

Baby Jordan

Navigating through the police with their lock down orders was honestly a breeze. Once they saw me leaning over on all fours, they knew not to ask much questions. By the time we got to the hospital, I felt like I was a few minutes away from meeting my maker. I remember the receptionist at the hospital asking for my documents and then asking me to fill out a COVID questionnaire which was followed by me on the floor screaming bloody murder! Did she not realize the pain I was experiencing ? 😫😫😫

Because of the time of the morning, the hospital was pretty empty (favor ) and the nurses allowed hubby to experience the delivery with me. Nurse Bethel became my bestie in that moment and her and G truly deserve humanitarian awards for putting up with me. Three hours, that seemed like a lifetime later, my son was born.

Even in a time of uncertainty, God allows us to experience new life and hope.

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