Best Baby Bath Routine

I remember bringing baby Jordan home and being nervous about bathing him. He was born much smaller than my older child when she was born and seemed so much more fragile. After a few days of asking around and enrolling in the university of google, I figured it was time. Fast forward to today, Jordan is now five months old and we have officially deemed him a water baby. Bath time is one of his favorite times of the day and it’s a sacred time of bonding.

Best bath time hacks

Five things we did to make baby fall in love with bath time:

  • Be Prepared: the first few days were a challenge if I’m being honest. Between alcohol wipes for the navel stomp, to having the pampers laid out, extra towels in case of accidents and all the proper lotions, bells and whistles, many bath time experiences left me exhausted. After about a week of feeling overwhelmed, I started planning bath times as I do other things. I made sure all the essentials were laid out, there were extras of everything (because bath time usually resulted in poop time) and the room was the right temperature.
  • Make it fun: Bath time, just like any other experience with a newborn, can be challenging. Make bath time fun by adding music for dancing, age appropriate toys and use the time to bond with baby.
  • Make it comfortable: Ever jumped in the shower expecting warm water only to be caught by freezing cold water ?!?! Right. Making sure the bath water is the right temperature is key to a successful baby bath. Bath water should be just above 100F to prevent chilling or burning the baby. When you put your elbow in the water it should be warm not hot.
  • Secure, secure, secure: always have a secure grip of baby during bath time to prevent drowning, falling or slipping. Keep one hand on baby supporting back using the other hand to wash.

Giving your baby a bath 3-4 times weekly will keep his skin clean, prevent skin rash and other buildup. Bath time should be fun for both you and baby. It’s a time for bonding where baby can kick and freely move around without the restriction of clothing. This is the ideal time to talk with your baby, sing songs and reinforce eye contact. What are some of your bath time hacks ?

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