An Interview w/ Brandi, owner of Chez Bebe

A few weeks ago, I connected on social media with Chez Bebe and after doing some research, I found out more about this super cool company that was started by a black mom and her daughter!! If you know me, you know that I am inspired by mompreneurs who are winning at life and balancing family at the same time. Brandi has worked in the textile industry for years and in 2018 started Chez Bebe,with her daughter India who was only 4yo at the time. Below is an interview with this awesome mom:

Owner, Brandi Lilly McLean

What inspired you to start Chez Bebe?
Chez Bebe, interpreted in French as Children’s Place, was inspired by me and my daughter, India, who was 4 years old at the time. I wanted to find bedding options that were high quality, eco-friendly and still something my daughter could enjoy and something I felt was safe and comfortable for her. An avid adventurer and dreamer, I am inspired by everything from my personal experiences and travels, to the imaginations of my three children, Cuba, India and Morocco. Paired with my professional experience in luxury textiles, I was able to bring Chez Bébé to life.

What keeps you motivated as a child entrepreneur?
A successful “kidpreneur,” India launched her first business when she was just four years old! She is currently nine. India worked with me to come up with the Chez Bébé’s “Paris, Je T’aime” bedding collection, inspired by the wonders and beauty of Paris, France! She had the opportunity to travel with me and learn about textiles from the highest quality brands in the world. As a child entrepreneur, India is motivated by the fact that this is a creative decision maker for the business. She feels important and needed as a decision maker in the company.

Kidpreneur, India Jolie McLean

What would you say is your biggest challenge?
I would say that the biggest challenge is to always be evolving. Shifting from Mom to entrepreneur daily. Making sure that time is allocated for the family and time is allocated to the business. It is important to me that I dedicate time out of each day to have a creative outlet for me and India to create, brainstorm and come up with new ideas. I do this with all the kids, and it helps with the creative process.

How do you balance work life and social life?
There is no greater reward than building this business and sharing the experience with my family. My expertise as a mom of 3 and industry professional drives the brand. When I worked a 9-5, after starting a family, balancing both became a burden. Now, with the freedom of entrepreneurship, I can balance both. I allocate time for the both my business and my family. With the kids now doing virtual schooling, things have shifted a little because I am balancing schooling and work, but there is a time for work and a time for family. (* it should be noted that during the call India had a question, ofcourse Brandi handled it with true professionalism like a Boss Mom)

Hard at work

Tell me about your business. Describe the products and why you chose those options.
Chez Bébé creates high-quality, eco-friendly children’s bedding and accessories, including potty training products and more. All designs are created with input from our children – all our products are made FOR kids, BY kids. I spent my career building multi-million-dollar brands for major retailers in the home textile industry. Our story unfolded the first time I brought the family along to an overseas work trip. I noticed India’s gift for fabrics and design. Her enthusiasm to create matched my own enterprising spirit and I knew I wanted nothing more than to spend time exploring the world and creating with my kids. This is how Chez Bébé was born.

How do you generate new ideas?
I get most of my inspiration from my kids and our experiences as a family. The creative process of bringing ideas to life, especially as it relates to working with my daughter and having her involved in the design and development process. Inspiring children’s creativity and thinking about their dreams and what designs they love. We wanted to create pieces that would stand the test of time. Often kid’s bedding is limited to Disney characters or trends that come and go. With Chez Bebe, our pieces are timeless, they can stand the test of time and can always be enjoyed and appreciated. I think about it this way, we sleep on bedding every night of our lives, why not create something that people will love and enjoy.

What are your ideals?

We want our kids to always have an active role in the creation of all our bedding and accessories and always have the company be child-led. We plan to continuously draw inspiration from their imagination, perspectives and ideas. Ideally, it is our desire to have our bedding create a connection between parents and children at bedtime, especially in an ever-evolving digital world.

The mission of Chez Bébé is to create an environment that children will love to dream in, with quality, style and value that parents appreciate. We believe that wrapping your child in bedding that sparks imagination will inspire them, comfort them and allow them to dream endlessly. We provide high quality bedding exclusively developed for Chez Bébé with the imagination of kidpreneur India Jolie. Made from premium cotton with handcrafted embroidery details and quilting. There are also bed wetting options. Convenient, washable grab and go waterproof bag to carry wet and dirty items separate from what’s clean and dry.  Great for Travel, Accidents, Swim & More.  

Be sure to check Chez Bebe out at for all products and purchases and follow them on Instagram at @Chezbebe.ny .

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