Snack Time during Virtual School

If you are a mom and you find yourself working from home since the beginning of the pandemic, I know you share the same sentiments as me when it comes to snacks and providing kids with lunch every day, OVER IT. I really don’t know how these teachers do it, but I have to say kudos to them for being able to deal with these kids daily, teach them, create out of them leaders and keep their sanity, our teachers are the real mvps!!

One way I have been able to manage the amount of food my daughter keeps and still keep her satisfied is by packing her lunch for the day as should would have it if she were to be in physical school. Every morning I get up, pack lunch and leave the lunch bag on the kitchen counter. At break time she can have a snack, take out her water and juice as needed, eat her lunch during the lunch hour and eat the remaining snacks as the day progress.

Happy Camper

Not only am I able to give her a sense of normalcy when it comes to hone schooling, but we get to manage the amount of snacking done.

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We love the durable and functional lunch boxes from Noel Mark Company. They are trendy and cool for kids of all ages! What I love most about the lunch boxes is that they are easy to clean, the perfect size for on the go and are eco-friendly. While we may be virtual schooling now, when she heads back to physical school we have a solution that is stylish and functional!

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